Rutherford Schools opened to students for the 2017-2018 year today. Most students are assigned a library card in kindergarten, but in case you’re new to the school or you’re a parent who doesn’t have card for yourself, here are some reasons you should take advantage of Library Card Sign-Up Month and get one, free with proof of residence:

  • Computer access: For students under the age of 14, you need a library card in order to access the computers– we cannot issue guest passes to children under the age of 14. For those who are 14 and older, a library card will give you 75 minutes each day for computer use, as opposed to the 45 minutes you are allotted with a guest pass. This means more time for research and writing papers!
  • Taking our collection home: Though anyone can look at our books in the library, a library card is required to take any items home. Get the books you need for school and the entertainment you need for downtime after a long school day.
  • Access our digital collection: your library card is even important to have from home! We have lots of ebooks, eaudiobooks, and digital databases that will help with your homework.

If you would like to sign up for a library card this month (or would like to sign your child up), please visit the library with proof of residents: driver’s license or government-issued license, copy of mortgage or lease, or utility bill. If you have questions or do not have any of these items, please call the library at 201-939-8600.

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month, Here’s Why You Need One for the School Year