You may have noticed the Databases link on our website, but maybe you think they’re just for research papers and have passed them by. But these databases– a collection of information that can be easily accessed and searched– are more than what they seem. All you need to access this information is your Rutherford library card.

The Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) offers information on a wide array of topics. For high school students and their parents, the GVRL has books on colleges and on college scholarships that can be very useful in determining the next step.

Other topics that might be helpful to our patrons includes books on Business, including encyclopedias on different fields in the business world and books on business plans; Science; Law; and more. Check the database for hot topics from the news and get unbiased facts on each topic.

Take full advantage of your library card and access GVRL, and other databases, today.

The Gale Virtual Reference Library: Research and More