The Rutherford Public Library is proud to announce it will be lending out mobile hotspots! These are great for our patrons (who are Rutherford residents and age 18 and up) who may not have their own internet connection at home or have lost their home connection temporarily (or ran out of data!), and even when you’re traveling.

Hotspots can be taken out for two weeks. There are 10 hotspots that can be borrowed.  You can reserve one from the same page where you reserve our museum passes: calendartixkeeper

All you need is your library card. As long as you are in good standing, you can reserve and borrow our hotspots.

Connecting is easy. When you take it home, turn your hotspot on and make sure your smartphone, computer, or tablet is logged into to the hotspot’s network. You can connect up to 10 devices to the hotspot at one time.

We encourage you to reserve a hotspot today! For more information, visit the library or call us at 201-939-8600. Get connected, thanks to the Rutherford Library!

Access the Internet at Home with a Mobile Hotspot!